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How To Grow Your Instagram Account

Growing your social media presence is important for any business. Social media is another outlet that allows you to connect with your customers and potential clients. A strong social media presence is also an effective way to show off your credibility as a business.

Whatever your goals are with social media, growing your Instagram should be a big part of those goals.

5 Steps To Gain More Instagram Followers

  1. Post Good Content – Quality Over Quantity
  2. Interact With Popular Companies In Your Space
  3. Find The Right #Hashtags For Your Business
  4. Form An Instagram Group or “Pod”
  5. Once You Gain Some Momentum, Go Local For Domination

Stay away from paying for followers. It doesn’t work. Followers do not mean anything unless they interact with your posts by liking and commenting. Robots don’t do that. Save your money.

Top 5 Steps on “How To Build Your Instagram Following”.

1.) Post Good Content – Quality Over Quantity

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth stating because of it’s importance. If you post good content, eventually people are going to find it.

Ask yourself “what do my clients or customers want to see?” and then provide that content to them.

How To Grow Your Instragram Account

I see so many businesses and accounts posting 2-3 times a day just for the sake of posting and being active. Being active is important, but if you are constantly posting junk that does not resonate with your audience, what exactly are you accomplishing? Chances are you will actually end up losing some of those followers so their feed isn’t filled with stuff that does not interest them.

Provide higher quality content that resonates with your followers. If you are a food company, posting high quality photos of delicious dishes with recipes….that will resonate with your audience. If you are a clothing company posting political memes 4 times a day, your customers looking for cute dresses are going to tire of it quickly.

Search similar business accounts that have a high number of followers and check out their content. I would guess their posts are high quality with a high number of likes, and high number of comments from their customers and followers.

2.) Interact With Popular Companies In Your Space

After you have searched and found a number of highly popular pages in your business space, give them a follow. Interact with them by liking their posts and posting comments. This makes your visible to not only them, but also all of their customers and followers that also follow and interact with their page.

Pay attention to their content. How is their text formatted and what exactly are they saying? What #hashtags are they using? Are they posting memes or high quality original content with engaging text?

3.) Find The Right #Hashtags For Your Business

This can be tricky. I know that when I started posting to Instagram, I often found myself including the hashtags with the highest number of posts. This seemed like a no brainer as I thought it would get the most exposure. Wrong.

How To Get More Instagram Followers

The goal with using hashtags is to put your content in front of whoever is following that specific hashtag. If you are targeting a hashtag that has 2 million followers/posts, chances are your post is going to be buried at the bottom before it ever gets seen.

Target less popular hashtags to increase your odds of landing in the “top posts” section for that hashtag. After all, being seen by 500 people is better than not being seen by 2 million.

4.) Form An Instagram Group or “Pod”

I have recently starting testing this idea and actually love this technique.

An Instagram “pod” or group, is a group of people with similar interests or pages that get together to help each other grow and become more popular on Instagram.

Form a group of 10-20 people in a text chat or in messenger. Each time you post something to your Instagram page, share it with your group. Each group member can then check out your post and interact with it by liking, commenting, or sharing the post. This gets your posted content momentum and in theory should make the post more visible to users on Instagram.

5.) Once You Gain Some Momentum, Go Local For Domination

When you begin to focus on growing your Instagram account, start big and then go small. Do not focus solely on your local community, at least not initially.

Quickly going from 10 to 5,000 followers in my hometown would be incredibly difficult to do. Gaining followers from all across the country by implementing the techniques above is easier to do because of larger population size.

Post good content, engage with popular accounts, dominate less popular hashtags, and share your content with your “pod”. This will allow you to slowly, but surely grow your followers.

Once you have a decent sized following, tap into your local community and market. Keep your content quality high.

How to dominate local market on instagram

By doing this in the order laid out above, your posted content will now carry more weight in your local community. Your 500 likes from the followers you built from across the country will boost your posts to the top of your local pages, allowing you to dominate your local market.

Example: If you have 5 followers and consistently post to your local community hashtags, you will probably have 1-2 likes for your post. This will not carry any weight because most people in your community have a bigger following and will get more likes than your post.

Now, if you have 5,000 followers and post to your local community hashtags, you will now have hundreds, if not thousands, of likes. This will allow you to be far more popular than most of the posts in your local community. Guess who is going to be at the top of most local community hashtags now? Yup, you.

Cast a wide net, gain some momentum, then dominate your local community by being the authority.

Now that you are top dog, remember where you started. Go give the small guys some likes and love!

Also, just for fun – at the time I wrote this post (December 13, 2020) I have 320 followers on one of my Instagram business accounts. Lets see what I can do over the next 6 months.

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