Fishing For Houses

How To Make Money in Real Estate

When I Started in Real Estate, I Had No Money and No Idea What I Was Doing…

My name is James Watson. I am a full time registered nurse and co-owner of Omaha Homes For Cash – a house flipping company in Omaha, Nebraska.

I want to share my entire journey through real estate and all the knowledge and lessons learned along the way. My hope is you find this not only entertaining, but helpful as well. Enjoy!

3 Years ago I was living large. I bought a new truck, a fishing boat, and was making good money traveling the country as a nurse. But somehow, I had racked up nearly $100,000 in debt (without owning a home) and was living pay check to pay check.

I was living a lifestyle that was way bigger than my paycheck was. It was fun, but damn it was exhausting.

After reading one incredibly powerful book, I completely changed my mindset. I found direction (and real estate). I am now almost completely debt free and have my sights set on big things in the near future.

Learn from my mistakes as I break down my entire journey, providing tips, lessons learned, and updates of how flipping houses and a change in mindset provided me with a much needed financial lifeline.

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